Studio Amy Design is colorful illustration & design created by
Amy Kurutz Lenhardt and inspired by nature.

There is nothing wrong with being a dreamer.

Or seeing things differently.
Being restless. Not following all the rules.
Creating your own escape.

My art represents the "escape."
Switching gears to experience thrill & also achieving peace.

It's the art of exhaling.

Central New Jersey raised where major cities, farms, mountains and the coast are all within an hour or so drive in any direction has provided opportunities for endless road trips to various landscapes resulting in constant inspiration from the great outdoors.

My illustrative style is a result of my graphic design roots using bright color and bold lines.
When I pick up my pencil,  lines, curves and shapes intuitively flow.

Watercolor and ink are my go to mediums as the flow of the water moves color around freely while my inked lines tend to keep things in place.  I also use other mediums as many of my artworks incorporate a variety of mixed media including, acrylics, colored pencil, gels, layered painted wood, powders, and the list goes on.

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