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The Great Escape

My art has been in transition for the past five years or so. Come to think of it, so have I.

OK, I lied…maybe the past 30-40 years is more accurate. What the hell, aren't we ALWAYS a work in progress? I'm not ready to be a completed work of art yet :).

Torn between my photography and my art, the past two years saw the photo outings getting fewer so I started editing old photos. Then I got tired of being on the computer.

I needed to draw! On paper, not digitally.

Pencil to paper is my long distance run, my gaze at the ocean, my Crown & ginger,

My first...and last oil painting done in the 6th grade.

A clean sweep of the studio led to reminiscing through old sketchbooks which quickly lit the fire I needed under my ass to start drawing again!

Its funny to look at old, OLD, art and see how I’ve evolved. I remember every old piece made and what was going on in my life at that time.

I had a high school health teacher swore I was on drugs after seeing my art. Stereotypical of the time back then.

Like most kids, I started my art career copying things….cartoon characters - Snoopy was my go-to. Album covers (thank you to the 70’s and 80’s which had some intense albums covers created by real artists using real art supplies)...musicians I idolized and advertising of the era..

Billy Idol, done in college. Still my favorite.

Once I was tired of imitating other artists work, I started to do my own thing. Trying to learn how to draw the female face, I would buy every monthly issue of Vogue, Elle & Cosmo just so I could practice drawing those models faces.

My version of Mick Jagger.

My first attempts of drawing faces looked more like Picasso...not that he didn't get famous for that but...

After much practice, I was able to draw a face without referencing photographs. Then my mermaids were born, which started my tropical themed art.

The start of my Patrick Nagel era. Late 80's. Obviously.

Back then, drawing and painting was an escape. From life in general, what was going on at home, in school, in the neighborhood, I wanted no part of that daily life, I wanted to disappear into a sketchbook.

Unaware of it then… because that awareness takes 40 or 50 years to achieve. But it was my escape. Still is. When I’m tired of people, opinions, judgements, their bullshit, their noise...I’m off to my studio, headphones on.

Leave. Me. Alone.

Unless there are flames or blood.

I eventually found my style. And my subjects. Transitioning from the young kid copying (aka practicing) art of others to creating my own work.

The past two years fueled by the mind boggling world that evolved around us, I created A LOT! Lots of ideas, a sketch journal bursting with rough drafts, an art business course or five under my belt, I’m up and running. Ready to take this art thing even further then my comfy, warm studio.

The graphic design / resort look. Plus, I was raised with an appreciation for classic cars.

New art is coming. Ever changing. Evolving. Transitioning. Escaping.

And my camera is dusted off and batteries are charged.

A wave created over 10 years ago which led me into my current style.

Hello 2022...bring it!

After looking at this piece during a job interview, the CEO of an advertising agency told me that we mirror ourselves in our art and he saw me in this piece. I'll take it. I didn't get that job, I was way too young, but his words stuck with me in the coming years eventually having a very successful career in marketing & advertising.

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