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Good to Meet You, and You...and YOU!

Welcome into the random thoughts, artworks, antics and inspirational day trips of Studio Amy.

I'm Amy.

I was labeled "artist" since I was five years old, the only label I'm comfortable with.

An artist for all my decades, I am FINALLY switching gears and changing lanes to actually launch my business. Sporadic selling and tinkering with ideas, style changes, subject matter and mixed media experiments over the last 20 years led me here today. 2020 gifted me lots of down time than I would usually have and the wheels started turning and the art started flowing faster.

My art completely reflects my love of being outside surrounded by nature. My household is very adventurous and we are fans of day trips...week trips...and weeks at a time trips... when the ordinary 9-5 allows.

Living in New Jersey has provided the opportunity to explore the changing landscapes that are easily attainable living and traveling on the east coast. Mountains, farmland, major cities, historic small towns and beaches of the coast are all attainable in a day's drive depending on the mood. All these landscapes inspire my artworks.

Thanks for taking a peek, and here's hoping you keep following along as I share my day trips and creative inspirations.

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