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And Just Like That...

100 days have passed. Well, actually 139 but I had some life matters to take care of first.

I'm back. Which means, I DID IT!!

I stuck to what I thought was a silly little online project which turned out to be very inspiring for me. I'm full of fresh ideas for new work, I have made new connections and followers AND I have a few bucks in my account as some of these have sold! Icing on the cake!

Looking back at the 100 tree paintings, I can clearly see the days where I just didn't have it in me, got lazy with my design or color and just scribbled. Then there were those days where I was completely inspired and some interesting designs and colors flowed easily.

Besides challenging myself to stick with this for 100 days and inspiring some future work, the best part of this for me was seeing what everyone out there following my trees got out of it.

Some folks helped me actually name some of the trees as opposed to just numbering them. Someone told me they were following along with their young daughter and would look forward to viewing the newest tree each day together and it became a mommy/daughter moment. After all, life IS about the moments.

Another acquaintance mentioned how seeing a new tree everyday gave them a smile while they were undergoing a barrage of doctor appointments. I would also get messages asking if a certain type of scene would be in any of my future trees. When I batch posted, I was always amazed by the ones that seemed more popular as they were usually my least favorite. If this project didn't do anything for me (which it did), it certainly made me feel good knowing it touched others who needed something new to look at in their feed or just needed a positive pick me up.

Art DOES heal. It IS therapy. Everyone needs a little healing in this life journey. Some of us have been healing much, much longer than others. And that is why I do my art. It keeps me grounded. Keeps me in check. It heals me.

My words of wisdom to anyone who needs "something."

Go buy a little sketchbook and just scribble, doodle, write one word, even if its a curse word, write a sentence, start a story, press leaves in it, glue macaroni to the pages (remember that?)...anything!

Just take 5 - 15 minutes a day putting something in it. It could turn into a satisfying and maybe a surprising habit or hobby.

"Variety of form and brilliancy of color in the object presented to patients are an actual means of recovery.” ~ Florence Nightingale

All trees have been matted and are available for purchase at:

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