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I'm an East Coast artist with roots originally from Eastern Europe & NYC. My upbringing instilled a love of travel in me since I was a child, as growing up in New Jersey provided a unique change in landscape within an hours drive in any direction. Mountains, farms, historic small towns, major cities and the beaches "down the shore" all contributed to the inspirations for my art. 

Drawing since I was five years old helped me escape and heal as my family was adjusting to a new life after a sudden and significant loss.

Working in my home studio as a mixed media artist, I am mostly self taught,

I earned degrees in Advertising Design and Professional Photography and started my career as a graphic designer transitioning to project management for large scale graphic and film  installations for retail clients.  

Studio Amy Design

The great outdoors is my inspiration as my subjects are my interpretations of nature. My artworks are my stories of escaping the ordinary, normalcy of life and creating a more unique, exciting, and colorful existence. With my graphic design and illustrative style, I intuitively create simplistically using lines and color without following rules. I can look at a tree, wave or animal and immediately envision it in a graphic form using my flow of lines, curves and colors.

Designs begin in my sketchbook as a way for me to relax, sketching curves and shapes that flow into a piece that represents something from nature. Bold lines, patterns, contrast and bright colors define my style. This process is very therapeutic for me and essential to my self-care.

Currently, I'm creating watercolor and ink illustrations along with dimensional mixed media paintings created by making layers from various substrates and layering them on a wood panel that serves as my canvas. The variety of layers I add to a panel could include baltic birch, watercolor, acrylic, inks, gels and various embellishments. I prefer wood panels as my base as I like the natural texture of the wood that appears after I coat it with a light wash of color which creates a subtle background where I can layer bolder, more vibrant pieces. And no framing is necessary!